Shrek the Musical

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Poppy Coren (9)’s review is followed by Aaron Coren (10)’s review

Anyone lucky enough to see Shrek the Musical is in for an exciting treat.  The story takes us on a journey through Shrek’s life from when he was 7 and had to leave his parents’ home, through his life alone in the swamp, to many exciting adventures ahead (no spoilers here!). Although the beginning is somewhat sad as Shrek leaves his home, it is also funny and exciting at the same time and as soon as Lord Farquaad banished the other fairy tale creatures into Shrek’s swamp, I knew exciting times lay ahead, and especially when donkey came along and changed Shrek’s life forever.

There are so many things in Shrek the Musical that I really enjoyed; first of all, the play’s songs were full of energy and had the audience, young and old, on the edge of their seats. The costumes brought the characters to life, including the banished fairy tale creatures, and the sets were all impeccable and I loved how the backgrounds made me feel like I was there.

My personal favourite song is, ‘Big bright beautiful world’, performed in both Acts 1 and 2, as it shows such deep emotion and love.

I would recommend this musical. I would suggest it is suitable for anyone aged 6 and up as it is quite long at just under 2.5 hours including the interval.

My star rating is a solid 5 stars out of five stars.

Aaron Coren ‘s review

This is a truly spectacular show.

I saw the animation film Shrek the Musical and loved it. To see this fairy tale story on stage is amazing from beginning to end.

I especially enjoy the end as it is filled with fun songs. I also really like the costumes that the characters wear, and I love the fact that it starts all the way back when Shrek was seven when he left his parents. I would recommend this musical if you are going with your family as it is a fun musical to talk about. At the beginning of the review, I talked about the end having very fun songs, but in truth, the whole musical was filled with songs like that. In short, it was a lovely play, and I would certainly not turn down the option of going again if I were able to. Sadly, I’m not, so I’ll leave that excitement to you. I felt really engrossed in the play and I would have believed you if you would have said that I was in the story. I’ve only mentioned two things: the songs and the costumes, but there are many more uniquely nice things in that show. My head was only really in my hands during the sad parts but when it wasn’t I was either laughing my socks off or having a fun time during the songs. We don’t go to many musicals but of the ones I have been to, that is certainly up there. The only downside is that it was quite a long play considering it was about 2 ½ hours. Because of this, it ended up being quite a late night.

I would give it a certain five out of five stars.