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Tremor arrives from the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff, Wales, as part of 59E59’s Brits Off Broadway series, and the title is apt, at least for the first ...
Pete Rex 59E59 Theatres, New York City
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Pete Rex

Have you ever watched Jurassic Park and wished that it was a lot weirder? And that, instead of a magical prehistoric island, it took place in a small ...
The City That Cried Wolf at 59E59 Theatre, New York
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The City That Cried Wolf

You have to at least admire the commitment to the premise. Comedian/actor/playwright Brooks Reeves doggedly mashes up every Grimm's fairy tale line an...
Butler at 59E59 Theaters
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Today, social injustice is at the forefront in the minds of Americans, and Richard Strand’s Butler provides insight into the beginning of post-slavery...
Radiant Vermin 59E59 – Brits Off Broadway
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Radiant Vermin

As we enter the theater, we get an audial hint of what’s to come with Madonna’s Material Girl.  Playwright Ridley amusingly presses the question “What...