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“Remember us from your GCSEs?” – Not like this we don’t. It would be great to see my old history teacher do a rendition of this though! The moral o...
Ruthless! The Musical Arts Theatre Tristram Kenton
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Ruthless! The Musical

‘Ruthless! The Musical’ - the high-camp in-joke of a show which is playing at The Arts until 23rd June - originally opened off-Broadway on March 13th ...
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I Loved Lucy

Although Lucille Ball has somewhat fallen from the public consciousness over recent years there was a time at the height of her fame when she was – al...
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Dirty Great Love Story

Great Dirty Love Story is a very simple play. All characters are complete stereotypes, which is all right if you are looking for an easy laugh. But it...
Dreamless Sleep at Arts Theatre
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Dreamless Sleep

This is a lovely, tender play which will stay with me for a long time.  It shows us a few years in the lives of a young couple – played by Niamh Watso...
Savage at the Arts Theatre
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As I sit here writing this review there is a leadership election being undertaken in the UK for someone to take David Cameron’s place as head of The C...
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Gary Sinyor’s first play ‘NotMoses’ draws its narrative arc from the Old Testament books of Genesis and Exodus. It comprises a sequence of scenes, whi...
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American Idiot

The alternative, punk – rock band, Green Day, has finally reached the West End after winning several Grammy awards for the best rock album. The dynami...