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Tremor arrives from the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff, Wales, as part of 59E59’s Brits Off Broadway series, and the title is apt, at least for the first ...
Much Ado About Nothing The Center at West Park, Balcony Theater
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Much Ado About Nothing

“For man is a giddy thing” says Benedick at the conclusion of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Giddy is a word that perfectly encapsulates Hamlet...
I of the Storm Richard Hoehler. Photo by Michael Abrams (6)
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I of the Storm

The “Everyman” at the center of RJ Bartholomew’s poetic monologue, or “solo riff,” I of the Storm, now playing at the Gym at Judson...
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Dear Jane

Several times during Joan Beber’s new play Dear Jane, we are told that conflict is essential to good drama: