On One Condition - Photographer Tony Virgo (3)
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Wild Card – Dan Daw

Gender fuck(er), a co-creation with British choreographer Graham Adney and Israeli choreographer Keren Rosenberg, kicks off. It might be the joker in ...
L-E-V Dance Company: OCD Love
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L-E-V – OCD Love

Upstage right a block of light falls on a female dancer creating first steps, first balances. Ritual, repetitive poses render the body fluid and sinew...
Depths of My Mind Scarabeus Aerial Theatre
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Depths of My Mind

Billy Smart’s Circus it isn’t, but smart Scarabeus’ Depths of My Mind is. It is part of Polka Theatre’s Brain Waves Festival at the Brit School, Croyd...
Scottish Ballet at Edinburgh International Festival
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Scottish Ballet

Scottish Ballet’s double bill of UK premieres at the Edinburgh International Festival offers two brooding, uncompromising contemporary pieces. First i...
Alan Cumming Sappy songs
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Sappy Songs

Alan Cumming’s ‘Sappy Songs’ at The Hub is a treat from start to finish. A consummate entertainer, Cumming regales with tall and no so tall tales abou...
Every Brilliant Thing at Summerhall
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Every Brilliant Thing

Every Brilliant Thing is Duncan Macmillan’s poignant script about coping with suicide: a young boy makes lists for his mother as to the reasons why sh...
Love Lies and Taxidermy at The Roundabout, Summerhall
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Love Lies and Taxidermy

Love Lies and Taxidermy is the best of titles. It’s also a cracking good yarn and beautifully executed in a three-hander by Remy Beasley, Richard Corg...