Love Lies and Taxidermy at The Roundabout, Summerhall

Love Lies and Taxidermy

Reviewer's Rating

Love Lies and Taxidermy is the best of titles. It’s also a cracking good yarn and beautifully executed in a three-hander by Remy Beasley, Richard Corgan and Andy Rush. Valentine and Ash fall over one another and fall in love. Their parents complicate things: Valentine’s father is a Polish taxidermist in a failing marriage, Ash’s father sells ice creams out of a van and deals ciggies on the side.

In a break-neck pace their stories unfold, collide and gather momentum as quick as spun candy floss. The Roundabout’s intimate, circular space explores every conceivable angle in a boy meets girl tale full of warmth and humour, fully exploited by George Perrin’s sharply delineated direction.