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Romeo and Juliet

I was ultimately quite pleased to have seen the new production of Romeo and Juliet at the RSC. However, I do have some serious quibbles. Romeo and Jul...
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You will walk away from RSC’s Hamlet with colors exploding in your mind’s eye. Costumes, drapes, headdresses, paintings, and pieces of the set are bri...
Macbeth Royal Shakespeare Company__2018_ photo_by_richard_davenport__c__rsc
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Instead of being about the corruption of power, or about the unconscious power of guilt, this new production of Macbeth by Polly Findlay at the RSC in...
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Imperium: The Cicero Plays

The RSC has done a remarkable job of turning Robert Harris’s Cicero Trilogy into a stage work. By summarizing the action of Volume I, which deals with...
King Lear by the Royal Shakespeare Company 2016
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King Lear

King Lear is one of Shakespeare’s bleakest plays: revolving around broken family ties, jealousy, betrayal, corruption, and madness, it addresses the p...
Cymbeline Royal Shakespeare Society 2016
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I guess I have been fortunate with Cymbeline because I have seen a couple of revelatory productions in my time, but above all was taught it by a brill...
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The Alchemist

Along with Jonson’s Volpone, this is one of the peaks of comic-satiric theatre from the Jacobean era and the RSC has done us a service both in playing...
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Doctor Faustus

The new production of Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus by director Maria Aberg is possibly the most convincing interpretation of this play that I ...