Tesseract - Nacho Flores
Reviewer's Rating

Like all great performances and human endeavours, “Tesseract” originates from passion and experimentation, allying the expression of the body, the intellect, and the senses.

Trained as both computer analyst and a circus performer, Nacho Flores combines this unusual mix to bring to life the mathematical and physical concept of “Tesseract”, the fourth spatial and temporal extension of a cube, or as he himself describes it, “the exploration of the unknown”. Through his interaction with three distinct objects – a teetering table, a geometrical puppet and precarious stairs -, he pushes his incredible balancing skills as a high-wire specialist to their limits in climbing giant towers made of wooden cubes.

Through his tender relationship and graceful dancing with the puppet, Nacho Flores can also be said to explore human generosity and its tolerance with the “other”, while playful twists – such as his use of cubes as in the Jenga game, as a spinning top and as dominos – engage the audience even further into this gravity-defying experience.

With the addition of sophisticated video projections, the show progressively becomes a together surreal and audacious adventure, full of suspense and surprises. In Nacho Flores’s world, we encounter the ephemeral and unpredictable nature of life, in all the paths, possibilities and situations it has to offer.