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Venue : 55 Aldgate High Street, London, EC3N 1AL  

The Drop
5.0Reviewer's rating

The Drop is a thrilling, challenging and hugely enjoyable cross between immersive theatre and an escape room. While it is hard to describe without giving too many details away, you should know that the game is afoot from the very moment you enter 55 Aldgate.

Where Swamp Motel have really excelled in developing The Drop is in the detail and world building. As you move through the experience you find layer upon layer of details that leave you deeply embedded in the experience.

The Drop’s title probably refers to the lift you start the experience in. As you walk in, you find yourself alone with a briefcase. The doors shut and your heart starts racing. It will not stop for the hour-long experience.

The puzzles and challenges of The Drop are pitched perfectly for you to have fun working them out without the frustration of finding them either too hard or to unchallenging. They also vary in type and scope so there is something for everyone there. There were even a few physical challenges (though I have asked and there are sessions where these will not be included for those with accessibility issues).

If I have one bugbear about The Drop it is that it ends somewhat abruptly and far too soon. I could happily have played for double the time. And with them having created such an extraordinary and rich world, it felt a shame to have so little time to be involved in it.

But this is a minor flaw and, more than anything, shows how good the experience was that I was left wanting more. I can’t recommend The Drop highly enough for anyone who enjoys immersive games and puzzle solving. It is an electrifying experience.

  • Drama
  • Created and Devised by Clem Garritty, Ollie Jones, Peter Hobday and Sadie Spencer
  • Producer Will Herman
  • Designer Clem Garritty
  • Venue : 55 Aldgate High Street, London, EC3N 1AL  
  • Until: 31 December 2021

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