The Edinburgh Literary Pub

Reviewer's rating

If you wish to escape the often stationary spectatorship role that comes with attending the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour could be your answer. From Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott to William McGonagall and a bit of J. K. Rowling, this tour de force gives a general insight into the history of Scottish writing, complete with cameo acting, some delightful poetry recitations and washed down with plenty of Guinness! The acting of the guides was very strong, and they managed to recreate atmospheric scenes and dialogues with very few props and an improvised air.

The selection of pubs also reveals some watering hole gems, tucked into side streets and full of character. Particularly enjoyable was the pit stop in the pub where a band was playing some soulful Scottish folk music. The guides had a great rapport with their audience, and although the tour consisted of a rather large group, which not only slowed the pace considerably, but also made several of the locations rather overcrowded, the guides was knowledgeable and great fun. The pub tour is a great way to see some interesting sections of the city, and can inspire other interesting things to do, such as the Writers’ Museum. Being a permanent fixture in Edinburgh, it is worth considering attending at any time in the year.