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“The party isn’t quite over yet.”

With an enchanting old setting of gramophone, antique chairs and rugs (designed by Simone Romaniuk), we are welcomed into the hunting lodge of a modern Philip Arditti’s Prince, who has invited his female aristocratic friends only to a ball at his palace. Are his intentions to find his new Cinderella? He certainly is eager to get ready, convincingly and cheerily practising his pretend laugh and manners.

There comes Daisy, the hopeful bride, presenting herself as “the star of the ball”. Despite her captivating charm, it soon becomes obvious that she is not that innocent, but manipulative and cruel. In this respect, the multi-faceted aspects of her personality are beautifully acted by Fiona Sheehan.

She has let down her invited cleaner Charlotte (Rhiann Francis), who had to walk to the ball on her own in the mud. Daisy makes it clear that she does not wish her to replace the prince’s ended romance of five years, also a cleaner to whom the prince has dedicated the most astonishing altar of portraits, flowers and candles.

How will it all end? Will the prince overcome his heartbreak and be seduced by Charlotte’s straightforwardness and sense of fun? Who is she really and what game is she playing at? Or will Daisy have her murderous way? With a mixture of fairy tales and classic romantic stories and in a finale together absurd, dynamic and surrealistic, you will find out!