The Hunting of the Snark

Reviewer's Rating

Adapted from the classic nonsense poem by Lewis Carroll, “The Hunting of the Snark”, the dialogue and songs perfectly reflects the magic and the sense of the absurd present in the poem.

In order the find the mythical creature known as the Snark, the audience is taken on a delight journey of silliness and wonder with slightly mad characters and outrageous puppets, on the flamboyant Snark Island of intense and glittery colours: the forgetful Baker and cruel Butcher, the rainbow Jubjub bird with a taste for colourful socks and ties, and the Beaver puppet which can knit hats and skirts in an instant!

The cast performs the musical play with gusto and a contagious enjoyment, the catchy musical numbers sometimes including a pinch of rock and rap, and a bit of sing-along. With dynamic and contrasting changes of scenes, the play is captivating and emotionally varied, mostly very funny, but with touching and slightly scary moments too. These changes of mood are echoed by perfect lighting changes and an exciting and versatile set design.

With something for everyone, from young children to teenagers and adults, it is a tale of adventure, bravery, and ultimately, family in which a Boy overcomes adversity to find his father, who eventually realises than nothing is more important than spending time with his son. While adults can enjoy the poem as a parable about the search for happiness, there are subtle messages for children too, such as being able to wait for something before getting it.

The musical play will keep all engaged until the very end. Will the Snark be found before the horrible and greedy Butcher? Will we finally see it or will its appearance remain a mystery? Will we have to “count to blue” before we find it?