Reviewer's Rating

Silver Lining’s Throwback is a high-spirited circus performance for the whole family. This dynamic emerging circus company showcases a wide range of acrobatic skills and a touching dramatic flair in this energetic exploration of memory and relationships.

Silver Lining’s production is engaging and the passion of these young circus artists for their profession is infectious. The audience holds its breath, cheers and sings alongside the performers with each scene as they spin, climb, fly dance and sing through a whirlwind tour of catchy tunes and familiar favourites.

The performance is designed to draw in the audience with cast members encouraging participation and offering humorous asides. These six multi-disciplined performers offer a range of different talents which lends energy to this enthusiastic show, seeming at times half improvisation, half consummate skill. The charm of this performance lies in the blend of talent and exuberance, held together by the respect and friendship between each member of the cast.

Each performer reveals their own talent through a single song, cleverly woven together by nostalgic reflections on the moments that stay with us for life, from childhood ambitions to the end of a relationship. With references to both the personal experiences of the cast and popular culture, Throwback offers the audience an invigorating journey back in time through music, dance and acrobatics.

Among the reflective, innovative productions of the 2017 London International Mime Festival, Throwback stands out as an explosion of colour and lively music, the ideal feel-good experience!