Ange Lavoipierre: Final Form
Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019

Reviewer’s Rating

In Final Form, Ange Lavoipierre takes a dark, occasionally absurd and always entertaining look at the different versions of ourselves which we present to those around us.

The premise for Final Form is a stand-up show to fulfil all these versions. Her father, her work colleague and her ex-boyfriend are all in the audience (a ‘giving members of the audience lines to say’ conceit, which is done far better than in any other show I have seen use it). As Lavoipierre tries to change the course of the show for it to appeal to each of these audience members, she blurs the lines between standup and character comedy with wonderful results.

The comedy comes thick, fast and amazingly crafted – I was reduced to laughing through tears on more than one occasion. Lavoipierre shines through in absurd sketch-like segments, which see her singing, cello playing and listing anxieties amongst others. These moments are fantastic gems tucked neatly into a stand-up routine, and are absolutely the best moments of the show. The show’s cleverly crafted structure allows such bits to recur throughout in fantastically funny ways.

The writing here is truly superb and Lavoipierre delivers it fantastically, never breaking character. Her constant energy keeps the show alive. She is a powerhouse of a performer who makes everything she does fantastically watchable.

Lavoipierre has created a real masterpiece of darkness and absurdity in Final Form. So much happens over the course of the hour, and it is all fantastic, and builds to a perfect conclusion.