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Mrs Malaprop (Julie Legrand) is looking for a suitable husband for her niece, Lydia Languish (Lucy Briggs-Owen). But when a rich and handsome suitor, ...
Grain in the Blood at Tron Theatre, Glasgow
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Grain in the Blood

The premise of Rob Drummond’s latest play, Grain in the Blood, is a dilemma loaded with tragic possibilities. Will Isaac (Andrew Rothney), Sophia’s (B...
Milk by Ross Dunsmore.
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Milk, Ross Dunsmore’s new play produced by the Traverse Theatre Company, explores the gamut of affective and sexual anxieties through the metaphor of ...
Diary of a Madman Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
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Diary Of A Madman

Diary of a Madman opens on a chat between two teenage girls. It is a conversation about boys, losing your virginity at the back of a car and Queen Mar...
The Glass Menagerie at King’s Theatre, Edinburgh.
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The Glass Menagerie

In a humble house in Saint Louis, Amanda Wingfield (Broadway star Cherry Jones), and her two grown-up children, Tom (Michael Esper) and Laura (Kate O’...
4D Cinema with Mamoru Iriguchi at Summerhall, Edinburgh
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4D Cinema

I am Marlene Dietrich, says the man in a pink suit standing in the middle of the stage, with a screen adjusted around his head and a projector aimed s...
This Restless House Citizens Theatre, Glasgow
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This Restless House

This Restless House, Zinnie Harris’s retelling of Aeschylus’ Oresteia, is ‘not a tale for everyone’ – at least not one for weak stomachs, as we witnes...