Travels_with_My_Aunt_Credit Pete Le May
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Travels with My Aunt

Never assume your morality to be above anyone else’s: Travels with My Aunt invites its audience to sit back and enjoy the slow unravelling of its prot...
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Wth this new production, James Cousins pares down Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like it to its gender-shifting heroin, the titular Rosalind, who disguis...
Expensive Shit 2017 pic 2 credit Eoin Carey
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Expensive Shit

A predatory male gaze pervades every corner of the stage in Expensive Shit. It lurks behind...
My Country; a work in progress. National Theatre (Photographer: Sarah Lee)
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My Country: a work in progress

After a debut in London, this week is the first in the nationwide tour of My Country: a Work in Progress, which was put into words by Poet Laureate Ca...
All The Little Lights Birmingham Rep
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All The Little Lights

From a hill on the outskirts of the city, Lisa (Sarah Hoare), Joanne (Tessie Orange-Turner) and Amy (Esther-Grace Button) watch all the little lights ...
Wolves, Barrowland Ballet, Glasgow Tramway
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Barrowland Ballet’s latest creation Wolves gives body and voice to ideas of community, transmission and conflict in this inventive and uplifting produ...
God of Carnage tron Theatre, credit John Johnston
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God of Carnage

After their son has been hit with a stick by one of his classmates, and lost two teeth in the process, Véronique (Anita Vettesse) and Michel (Colin Mc...
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Avoidable Climbing

Avoidable Climbing blends singing, political parable and participatory performance in an underwhelming discussion of current politics. The title parod...