Lucy porter: Be Prepared

Lucy Porter: Be Prepared

Reviewer's Rating

At a time where cynicism is king, I am pleased to report that Lucy Porter is actually genuinely nice.

In Be Prepared, Porter uses the story of her experiences in the Brownies (a memory spurred on by her own children’s recent entry into the world of Scouting) to ponder wether we can actually ever be prepared for all that comes our way in adult life. Porter’s material is strong, and her sharp wit is definitely some of the warmest and most genuine to be found at the Fringe.

With a topic such as Scouting, you would be right to not expect the most cutting-edge comedy here. The tone is gentle, but not at the sacrifice of humour. Brexit, feminism and poverty are all mentioned, but none examined in anything really more than passing glances. A particular moment of joy comes in a comparison of the cabinet and shadow cabinet to a couple of bad university improv troupes, but spectacular observation and satire such as this leaves you wanting more which never quite arrives. Porter calls for revolution, but often remains amicably on the fence about that which she discusses.

From all this, you get the feeling that Porter does just wish to please everyone. Her style lends itself to chatting warmly with the audience, and the tangents she takes us on whilst issuing audience members with her own Guide badges are spectacularly funny and never ever mean. Contempt for your audience is all the rage, but Porter is a master of both excellent comedic timing and all round affableness.

You come away from Be Prepared with the impression that Lucy Porter is genuinely nice – having found a genuinely nice way to spend an hour.