Tani Van Amse


Reviewer's Rating

Cans stages the aftermath of a celebrity radio DJ’s suicide following a sex abuse scandal. If the subject matter is bleak, and perhaps over-familiar – Stuart Slade’s script is neither. In focusing on the struggle of the deceased’s daughter and brother to come to terms with what’s happened, Cans offers a wryly comic meditation on the impact of deception and the defiance of affection.

Graham O’Mara as Uncle Len storms through his ninety minutes and has all the funnies, of which he is well-deserving. Jennifer Clement as Jen carries the emotional weight of the piece – and does a good job of finding sentience and intelligence in a part that could easily be reduced to victim.

All in all it’s an engaging and insightful piece: proof that this challenging subject matter can be approached in a way that isn’t histrionic or hackneyed. Dan Pick’s direction is absolutely stunning.