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Jackson Lane, London

3.0Reviewer's Rating

In the not-too-distant future if you have an itch you only have to ask your Intronaut to scratch it…internally. Nose blocked? Not enough fibres in your diet? There is nothing to fuss over when you can order your Intronaut via, of course, the ‘Intronaut app’ to travel through your body and sort everything out.

Green Ginger and their associates take us on an internal trip through our own minds and bodies. Using puppetry, physical theatre and animation we travel around in a tiny submarine. Glimpsing a not improbable future. A grooving and rapping Intronaut keeps us company. She is quirky and funny but she is also bored out of her mind stuck in the tiny vessel. And what about the host? Well…He is lonely and has “designer’s block”… An excellent recipe for laughs and potentially disaster.

“Intronauts” is funny and extremely creative, and the work and dedication that has been put into it is obvious. A transparent screen hangs in front of the stage like a veil, for the projections and the animation, and all the action takes place behind it. The crew works seamlessly and the soundscape works perfectly. Then, why the three stars? Because of the ending, it was not a cliff-hanger it was just abrupt. Just as we were intrigued and hooked with the twist, it just finished. No one realised it had ended and many members of the audience, including me, were taken aback and left wondering.

It is a smart conception, funny and well-executed but I would recommend a few tweaks to create a more conclusive ending. A worthy addition to this year’s London International Mime Festival.

  • Physical Theatre
  • By Green Ginger
  • A co-production with Nordland Visual Theatre (Norway)
  • Director: Emma Williams
  • Composer: Simon Preston
  • Design: Chris Pirie
  • Devising Performers: Adam Fuller, Emma Keaveney-Roys, Chris Pirie
  • Jackson Lane, London
  • 11-13 January 2019

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