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Cockpit Theatre, London

Award-winning, world-touring art show made with love by an idiot.

In “Le Foulard”, Lucy Hopkins utilises her scarf to create a medley of characters: a dramatic diva of Spanish or Russian origin; a charming clown whose loneliness and optimism lead to embarrassing situations with the opposite sex; a discreet elderly lady. It is “Full Art” indeed, with a dazzling performance ranging from comedy, physical theatre, contemporary dance, mime, to songs. Beyond the together slapstick and refined humour however, lies a profound existentialist questioning of what makes us human, whether on the conscious or subconscious level, and what makes us exist for ourselves and in the eyes of others.

In this respect, her presence on stage is mesmerising, as she shows a range and intensity of emotions which is both intellectually and emotionally poignant. Her movements, reminiscent of Expressionist aesthetic, are together intense and engaging. Establishing a dialogue between the artist and the created personas, the show also deals with the meaning and artifice of art and mocks the excesses of experimental theatre and artists who take themselves too seriously. Her interpretation of French iconic songs such as Edith Piaf’s “La Vie en Rose” in both French and English actually adds to the depth of its meaning and the poetry of love, while her rendering of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” re-enacts female strengths.

I just don’t agree with one thing: despite her own description, Lucy Hopkins is far, very far from being an idiot, having put together such a thought-provoking, touching and hilarious show. She is also a very audacious performer, opening her heart and pushing the funniest situation to their most absurd limits, with the greatest generosity towards her public. With a show so unique and organic in its unfolding, it is just a matter for the public to let itself be whisked away!


  • Comedy
  • Written and Performed by Lucy Hopkins
  • Cockpit Theatre, London
  • 14 November 2015
  • Review by Caroline Perret
  • 15 November 2015

About The Author

Reviewer (UK)

Caroline Perret is a researcher and teacher in the Social History of Art at the University of Westminster. She is particularly interested in the impact of war on culture, from painting and sculpture to poetry and cinema, in which she publishes and gives conferences. She loves unusual artistic performances and theatre plays, anything that might expand her horizons and fulfill her hunger for new experiences.

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