Photo Credit: Lulu Popplewell

Lulu Popplewell: The Humble Bumhole
Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019

Reviewer’s Rating

On the night I arrive at Lulu Popplewell: The Humble Bumhole she greets the audience at the door with her dog (who’s name, forgive me, I did not catch). This, she jokes, is so that the audience will like her. Not too far into the following 45 minutes it becomes incredibly clear that she need not have worried.

The Humble Bumhole is not a show about bumholes, the audience soon learns. It’s not really about anything, rather about everything and nothing. Popplewell delivers quick lines and sharp gags on an array of topics, and is able to move swiftly and eruditely between them. The show is described as a work-in-progress, although it’s easy to forget this once you’ve spent a mere few minutes in the hands of such a funny and warm performer as Popplewell.

There were no lulls in the whole evening. Popplewell’s material is well crafted and thoroughly funny. She is able to bring the whole audience under her wing and the show becomes much more entertaining because of it – with topics such as ‘being in threesomes’ or ‘being in Love Actually’ made to feel somehow relatable when delivered with such excellent timing and style.

Lulu Popplewell is a charismatic storyteller, and she made the 45 minutes spent in her hands a real pleasure. Also, her dog is really great. I really do encourage you to see it.