Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker, Barbican Centre

Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker

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Do you want 45 minutes of Japanese madness? Then Miss Revolutionary Idol Berkeser is the show for you. This summer the Barbican gives a glimpse into the young Japanese culture by presenting this original show as part of 2016 LIFT festival programme. Founded by Tokyo-based artist Toco Nikaido, the show gets inspiration from Otagei, the geek dance that young Japanese fans perform during anime or manga conventions. This involves slogan, chanting, choreographies and manga inspired clips projected on stage as well as words to be sung like in a giant karaoke.

So grab a poncho and seal yourself properly, sit on a wrapped chair and expect anything getting thrown at you: water, seaweeds, tofu, clothes, and confetti. All of your senses will be bombarded by a bursting energy of songs, lights and colours, as well as odours. And don’t forget the earplugs as the decibels are not exactly on the low side.

There is no apparent logic in what happens, it is just a chaotic succession of choreographed dances. Audience is invited to participate, or perhaps, more exactly, it is forced to participate, clap hands, dance and joke with the explosive young performers. You can experience confusion, apprehension for what is going to land on your laps, but surely not boredom. In the end we are all on stage as there is no more boundaries between public and performers.  And by the way you are warmly thanked on the way out.

It is worth seeing it; definitely it is a unique experience.