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Leicester Square Theatre, London

This is one of those events, which you go to with no expectations and leave with an exclamation of ‘wow’.

Siro-A is the ultimate symbiosis between modern technology and highly skilled performers. With total precision, speed, and perfection, six acrobatic performers mime, dance, and jump in synchronized sequences against a dazzling backdrop of lights and fast-paced music.

The interaction of the Japanese group with projected images tells anecdotes without uttering a word. The repertoire is wide-ranging, and the changes of electronically-created costumes are astounding.

The programme includes brief film parodies in which performers mime, with Chaplinesque gestures, to soundtracks from films such as The Full Monty, Mama Mia, Spired-Man, The Exorcist, Skyfall, Singing in The Rain – all these drew laughs from the audience.

Some have described SIRO-A as Japan’s answer to the Blue Man Group. I haven’t seen Blue Man Group, though I can highly recommend that you see SIRO-A group. It is feisty and very intriguing. Watching the 60 minute performance is like watching a fast-moving clock, sophisticated and precise, with different dials.

Go and see it, if you can.

  • Physical Theatre
  • Directed by Cocoona
  • Produced by Amuse Inc., Japan
  • Cast includes: Toshiya, Arai Yohei, Fumiya, Keiji Miya, Daichi Norikane, Kentaro
  • Leicester Square Theatre, London
  • Until 11 January 2015
  • Review by Rivka Jacobson
  • 12 November 2014

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Rivka Jacobson, founder of Passion for theatre and years spent defending immigrants and asylum seekers in UK courts fuelled her determination to establish a platform for international theatre reviews. Rivka’s aim is to provide people of all ages, from all backgrounds, and indeed all countries with opportunities to see and review a diverse range of shows and productions. She is particularly keen to encourage young critics to engage with all aspects of theatre. She hopes to nurture understanding and tolerance across different cultures through the performing arts.

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