St George is Cross

Reviewer's Rating

This witty parody of a thriller has a biting political edge. The writing is funny and clever, showcasing some promising skill from James Moran and Jonny Lennard. Highlights include the cameo appearance of Ann Widdecombe and a heated game of rock, paper scissors that I dare not spoil. Moran and Lennard have clearly grasped the skill of comic writing, littering jokes intermittently throughout the hour long run time and keeping audiences on the tips of their toes.

Ben Kavanagh is the stronger of the two performers, showing more versatility in the roles he plays. While genuineness may not seem necessary in a play of this style, his believability and ability to distinguish between characters added to the overall comedic effect of the production as a whole.

St George is Cross is consistently funny and unswervingly topical. Jokes are bursting from the seams, maybe sometimes to an excessive extent… But if you hate the Tories and want an hour of fast paced sardonic fun, go see it!