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The First Noel

The Classical Theater of Harlem’s Christmas musical The First Noel opens on the mainstage of the Apollo Theater this week. This show marks the third I...
Such Nice Shoes, New York
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Such Nice Shoes

What happens when you mix über wealthy yoga clients, the MTA, the city’s homeless, crappy auditions, and breast cancer? asks Christine Renee Miller’s ...
The Rape of Lucrece, Teatro Latea at the Clemente, New York City
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The Rape of Lucrece

A good play is one that may be set in ancient Rome (and I mean really ancient Rome, centuries before Julius Caesar); may have been written 400 years a...
Fit for a Queen at 3LD Art and Technology Center
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Fit for a Queen

Sex, power struggles, political intrigue, the tyranny of the patriarchy: these themes were as familiar three and a half thousand years ago as they are...
Measure for measure at Bryant Park NYC
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Measure for Measure

Bryant Park Presents Shakespeare is topping off its summer season with The Drilling Company’s production of Measure for Measure. But this version of S...
TUMACHO, The Wild Project, New York
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Picture this: the small stage is set up like your typical Western saloon, from the wooden floorboards to the classic swinging doors to the Mexican bla...
The Tomb of King Tot, The Wild Project, New York
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The Tomb of King Tot

They say that introducing a major change is what makes a good story, and The Tomb of King Tot certainly masters this trick. We’re just getting comfort...
review Permanent Caterpillar The Brick Theater, Brooklyn, New York
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Permanent Caterpillar

Imagine being trapped forever in a life that magnifies your insecurities, awkwardness, and all of your flaws, doomed never to overcome them. This is t...
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This gives “To be or not to be?” an entirely new meaning. I have to admit I was skeptical when I first walked into the theater for a show called Hamle...