Woman Before a Glass, credit of Robert Workman
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Woman Before a Glass

Peggy Gugenheim was a woman far ahead of her time – born in 1898, she was deemed as one of the great 'scandalisers' of the 20th century, a New York so...
The Frogs Jermyn Street Theatre
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The Frogs

I love this show. I can’t deny it. Not just because it sounds far bigger than the tiny space it’s now inhabiting (thanks to Tim Sutton’s new orchestra...
The Twentieth Century Way Jermyn Street Theatre
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The Twentieth Century Way

The widespread discriminatory treatment of gay men throughout the twentieth century still has the power to make you gasp in disbelief at times. Tom Ja...
Marilyn and Sinatra Jermyn Street
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Marilyn and Sinatra

Your reviewer is old enough to remember when Frank Sinatra was having Top Ten hits and Marilyn Monroe was making Hollywood movies. He was too young at...
review Off The King’s Road Jermyn Street Theatre
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Off The King’s Road

Michael Brandon plays Matt Browne a retired American businessman who has come to London for a holiday. His reason is to get past the death of his wife...
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I Loved Lucy

Popular 1950s sitcom ‘I Love Lucy’ star Lucille Ball (Sandra Dickinson) is a household name and beloved figure across America. Her number one fan, a y...
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Desperate Measures

Leave your Complete Works at the door - Desperate Measures, a bold new take on Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure by Robin Kingsland and Chris Barton, ...
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Dry Land

Dry Land is about an American high school swim team. Or rather, it is about adolescence, and trauma, and the way those two things are so often entwine...
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See What I Wanna See

See What I Wanna See is Michael John LaChiusa’s work inspired by 3 Ryunosuke Akutagawa short stories and a desire to push the boundaries of the Musica...