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All You Need is LSD

‘All You Need is LSD’ tells the story of the invention of LSD and also of Leo Butlers experiences as a participant on Professor David Nutt’s LSD medic...
Joan The Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Birmingham
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When I first entered the Rep’s studio theatre for a performance of Milk Theatre’s ‘Joan’ I was struck by how differently the space was configured. Typ...
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I Want Love (Part One)

From the offset, you never feel quite onside with Ringham as she starts to share her story of her break up with her ex-boyfriend. She makes us titter ...
La Strada Richmond Theatre
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La Strada

La Strada is a new piece of devised work, incorporating circus and live music into a searing portrayal of travelling performers in 1950s Italy. It is ...
Review King Lear Birmingham Repertory
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King Lear

Shakespeare’s King Lear is the ultimate tragedy. Nowhere else can we see the violent abandonment of responsibility, the abuse of one’s parents, a swat...
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The Tailor of Inverness

Never have I seen an audience so quickly break into rapturous applause as I did at Matthew Zajac’s The Tailor of Inverness. The one-man play, also sta...
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Of Mice and Men

If you say you haven’t heard of John Steinbeck’s most famous work, people give you funny looks, as if you’d just renounced the fact that the Earth is ...
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We regularly hear of radical reinterpretations of Shakespeare classics. Perhaps we will not find such a version that stretches the bard’s work as the ...