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The Diana Tapes

The Diana Tapes provides an intimate picture of her attempt to tell her own story through a book. It is a respectful yet critical approach of telling ...
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The play is a dystopian sci-fi drama written in the eighties, just after it was found that AIDS might be sexually transmitted. It is placed in a near ...
The Moor, Old Red Lion Theatre
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The Moor

Bronagh (Jill Mcausland) is a young woman caught in the house of her childhood with an abusive partner and a baby. The surrounding moor becomes the st...
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Catherine Lamb (Katie) moves in perfect synchrony with the light and sound cues. It is breath taking how well the minimalist use of props, sound and l...
Hanna Arcola Theatre Photo Miryana Ivanova
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The Crystal Egg

The show itself is worth seeing for the location. With an impressive array of old brick tunnels that set you back straight into a dark, mysterious nin...
The Beauty And The Beast King’s Head Theatre
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Beauty and The Beast

The play might be based on a children’s movie, but it definitely is a show for adults. From second one, the cast captures the audience with a straight...
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The Very Perry Show

The Very Perry Show is an adorable evening filler. Perry presents her “collection” of people, ranging from a six-year-old in an airplane to an Amish w...
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Osmo is the monologue of a serial killer, written by Brazil’s leading female writer Hilda Hilst. The play becomes at no point pornography of violence,...
(c) Alex Brenner CASA Festival 2017 - Otelo by Viajeinmovil @ Southwark Playhouse
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Otelo is a highlighting of Desdemona’s murder in Shakespeare’s Othello, as a reminder of the horrific femicide rates in Latin America. The play is par...