The Very Perry Show

Reviewer's Rating

The Very Perry Show is an adorable evening filler. Perry presents her “collection” of people, ranging from a six-year-old in an airplane to an Amish woman with a naughty secret.

She presents the characters with such authenticity, one easily forgets that it is still Perry on stage. She enters with only a small box full of props, revealing her treasures bit by bit. That is a very well devised aspect of the show – the audience doesn’t get to see any items before they are put to use and is kept hooked by what kind of character might be next.

Whether Perry slips into the old woman next door that doesn’t think high of political correctness or a slightly odd pigeon breeder with wild hair, the transformation is complete.

There is only one character that may need more props: the devilish twelve-year-old. The ribbon in her hair is the only indication that this is a child. But not only the props for the character are lacking: Perry does not fully embrace the statue and the acting of a child that is probably about to enter puberty. In fact, she presents her as younger than she is supposed to be. Her behaviour rather reminds an eight-year-old.

But apart from that, the props are on point and exactly what is needed to see the whole character they support. Perry performs most costume changes on stage, but with the back to the audience as if she was putting on a mask for a mime show. Once she turns around she is fully in her “collected” character and holds their monologues without flaws or breaks.

The peak of her performance is her last persona – without giving away too much, the monologue ends with a delightful reveal and leaves your heart feeling warm.

From being utterly adorable to being a character with somewhat bitter conflicts – she brings everything across with a good portion of humour and the audience is assured to spend the evening laughing out loud.