Coming Clean: Life As A Naked House Cleaner

Reviewer's Rating

Whatever your expectations for Coming Clean are, they are probably wrong. The show is surprising and exciting from the moment you walk into the door of a ‘secret location’ (sorry, visitors are asked to not pass on the address!). Welcomed into a cosy living room with a glass of wine, the Coming Clean team manages to create an intimate atmosphere that is needed for the topics ahead.

Ethan Mechare talks about the taboo put on sexual fantasies and how it influences our self-perception and judgement of others, but without forgetting about his humour. He creates an amazing balance between treating the topic seriously and making the audience laugh out loud after every other line. His costume changes are truly witty and so is the use of props – without giving away too much!

The first oh moment after sitting down is when you are handed a card, asking whether you have ever tried one of your sexual fantasies. The cards are folded into a hat after filling them out (anonymously!) and come into use later on. While you are welcome to share your thoughts on the topic, audience participation is not required and it is entirely up to you whether you want to share. And, after all, Coming Clean is a one-man-show about the journey of becoming a naked cleaner and not a group talk session.

This is an evening you will remember for a long time.


The show is part of the Hotbed Festival at the Camden People’s Theatre (