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The Daughter of the Regiment

Opera Della Luna has an admirable track record of revitalising old comic operas. Its guiding spirit, Jeff Clarke, has taken Donizetti’s comic masterpi...
Floyd Collins Wilton's Music Hall
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Floyd Collins

I’d forgotten just how tedious the first act of Floyd Collins actually is. That’s not to say that this is a bad production. Far from it. Jonathan Butt...
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Britten In Brooklyn

In late 1940 Benjamin Britten crossed the Atlantic and moved in with his friend W.H.Auden, who was occupying a floor of a large Brooklyn brownstone. H...
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All That Fall

We all know and love Samuel Beckett for Waiting for Godot, his internationally famous play first performed in Paris in 1953, which chronicles the blea...
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The Sting

It probably sounded like a real wheeze to take the much loved (and extremely profitable and award-laden) 1973 Paul Newman/Robert Redford caper movie, ...
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Father Nandru and the Wolves

Wilton's Music Hall is proud to call itself 'The City's Hidden Stage' and rightly so - this unique theatre is tucked away just minutes from Tower Brid...