The Summer Book

Reviewer's Rating

The story ‘The Summer Book’ was written by Tove Jansson and was adapted for the stage by Jemma Kennedy.   This production was directed by Douglas Rintoul, who has created an amazing theatre production in the studio theatre in the Unicorn. The Unicorn is perfect for a day or evening out for kids and adults.

In the small cosy studio, with comfy seats, the beautiful setting is before you. The creative island, wooden bed and light blue floor (representing water) sets the scene beautifully.  With the stunning sound-effects it is clear what is happening in this play and the characters use the scenery so vivdly, making it clear what is going on.

In comes Sophia (played beautifully by Sammy Foster on the night I was there) with her Grandmother (Sara Kestelman)  who starts the sad but funny play.  Sophia’s mum is dead and she is spending the summer with her grandmother and together they start learning the lessons of life.  Will Sophia be alright? Will all her fears go away with the help of her frail grandmother?

After stepping on a worm Sophia decides to write a book with her grandmother. Will the book be finished by the end of the summer? Will Grandmother finish her book? Will everything be accomplished by the end of summer?

I would recommend this play for children aged 8+.This play was great.

So what are you waiting for?  Go see ‘The Summer Book’!