Twelfth Night – reimagined for children age 6 and over

Reviewer's Rating

As soon as you step into this glorious outdoor theatre you might notice the love-o-meter, blinking invitingly at the back of the stage.  This is just one of the lovely touches that make this production of Twelfth Night so humorous.  Can anyone stop themselves clapping and laughing when the heart hits the top?

This classic play tells the story of a love triangle.  Everything turns out alright in the end, but only after a series of capers and pranks led by a pair of shipwrecked twins, a sad countess, a lovesick nobleman, and several buffoons and plotting servants.  Whilst Shakespearean language might sometimes be difficult for us children to understand, this production makes everything very clear.  I always knew what was going on.

There’s wonderful use of music and dance throughout the production, with the cast strumming or tinkling or bashing a wide variety of instruments that bring the play to life.  I also particularly enjoyed the way that the cast regularly interacted with the audience ….and I am still jiggling to the fun dance we were taught (you would too if you come)! All in all, a great way to jump into Shakespeare.

This play is great if you are 7+.I loved this play!

Come on, go and see ‘The Twelfth Night’.