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Les Démons

This season, the legendary Comédie Française takes on Dostoyevsky. Barely two years after Ivo Van Hove’s majestic and disturbing adaptation of The Dam...
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When Macha Méril first appears on the little stage of the Théâtre de Poche-Montparnasse (literally “pocket theatre”) barefoot in her flamboyant long r...
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Cabaret Louise

In these times of pandemic uncertainty, some small Parisian theatres stay open but have to welcome a very limited number of spectators. Such condition...
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During the COVID-19  lockdown, Stéphane Braunschweig was struck by the sight of the buzzing city of Paris going all of a sudden desert and dead silent...
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« Mon ami Serge a acheté un tableau. C’est une toile d’environ un mètre soixante sur un mètre vingt, peinte en blanc. Le fond est blanc et, si on clig...