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La Boheme

While in most new opera productions I expect a new approach, a creative twist out of the traditional staging and setting...
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Three Sisters

The first thing you need to know about this production is that Chekhov's three young sisters are not played by three young actresses...
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Eliyahu’s Daughters

This delightful play tells the story of a Jewish family in Baghdad on the backdrop of the pogrom of June 1941 and the subsequent uprooting
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Schreber (שרבר)

Fringe theatre is often touched by a sense of tantalizing danger. Audiences walk into the ancient Jaffa Theater to see lead actor Moti Rosenzweig being strapped...
Mithazkim Khan Theatre Jerusalem.
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Mithazkim (מתחזקים)

Mithazkim, Hebrew for growing stronger, is a witty and hilarious satire by Michael Brizon, a columnist, known as B. Michael, was first staged in the Israel Festival of 1987.
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Village (K’far)

Village (K'far) has a timeless quality to it, which is exactly why this renewed production still attracts many audiences.