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David Furlong’s adaptation of Misanthrope takes place at the heart of a modern TV newsroom, turning Molière’s critique of 17th century French society ...
MERRYVILLE by HighRise Theatre at Camden People's Theatre
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HighRise Theatre are a company whose work is all about reaching out to Britain's forgotten communities. Their latest show, Merryville, is a grime conc...
War Paint at Camden People’s Theatre
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War Paint

War Paint is an immersive theatrical experience located in a Marylebone flat; the audience is invited to walk through the space and observe four women...
Review The Joke Camden People’s Theatre
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The Joke

The Joke is a frenetic little piece from writer/performer Will Adamsdale who uses his comedic talents throughout the next ninety minutes to take the a...
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Repetition, mutation, evolution. puts language, delivery and gesture through four human components to create an ever-flowing process that is intricat...
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The Old Image of Being Loved

The Old Image of Being Loved is an interesting concept but doesn’t quite live up to expectations. This performance is a theatrical event where the aud...
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Balancing Acts

Another addition to the Sprint Festival at Camden People’s Theatre in Euston, Balancing Acts offers a touching and enlightening account of mental illn...
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Walk With Me

Listen. We’re all scared. We’re all in this together: a striking remark, yet one we’re all too familiar with. This Thursday evening, we really were...