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Fable is a show about us, our dreams and how we perceive ourselves and our existence.

Jay is a 26 year old teacher with a “magic heart”, she always dreamt of becoming an astronaut and seeing Earth from above – like the Pale Blue Dot photo taken by the Voyager 1 space probe. Currently though she enjoys life and astronomy through numerous apps, one of which is uniformdating.com, the go to dating site for the uniformed.

Blair is a tree surgeon, who dreams of planting trees for those to come; to build wooden cabins, where the trees are felled. His dating profile in uniformdating.com was created as a drunken prank. They both keep their childhood dream in their pocket and when they meet on the far west coast of Scotland, they change each other profoundly.

Narrated with the aid of just a slide projector and music, Fable urges us to see where we stand in life, where we’d like to be and to “look up…where the trees are, look up….where the adventure is!”

Even if someone is not a leftie, tree-huger, they will enjoy this wide-eyed, optimistic and star spangled story.