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Leicester Square Theatre, The Lounge

Mirrors is simply hysterical. And that is all down to Siobhan McMillan’s performing. The things she does, the way she moves and how she talks would be somewhat ridiculous if anybody else were to do it. But Siobhan is so inherently funny, she makes it work and also makes your abs hurt.

The connection between modern you-tubing and well-known fairy tale stereotypes creates a reflection of how girls and women think about beauty today, and probably how they have been thinking about it for a long time. However, not just women, but everyone in the audience will find at least five points that are relatable.

Overall, the one woman play explores how images of beauty can overpower personal traits other than looks and rational thinking. Yet it continuously comes to the conclusion that it is not actual looks that make beauty, without spelling it out. The only one who does not get the point of the storyline is probably the main character.

The stage is set up with a great variety of props, more than you would usually see at a one-woman show. They are used very intelligently and add to the more or less subtle statements made throughout the performance.

At the end of the day, the play shows how an oblivious search for beauty can turn out quite ugly. This really is a BLACK comedy that pulls society’s leg in every possible way.

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