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Nine Night

Nine Night, a new play by Natasha Gordon, triumphs in its presentation of family dynamics and the laughs and stresses that take hold when the relative...
Amadeus National Theatre Photo Marc Brenner
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Peter Shaffer’s multi-award winning play first opened at the National Theatre in 1979 and on Broadway in 1980. This revival, directed by Michael Longh...
John National Theatre Photo Stephen Cumminskey
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Annie Baker’s new play was first seen in New York and arrives on the South Bank with high expectations after the success in 2016 of her earlier work F...
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What a show! As teenagers, we were very pleasantly surprised to find this play both riveting and interesting, entwined with a didactic script as we...
Saint George and the Dragon (c) Johan Persson
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Saint George and the Dragon

Although the actual story of Saint George and the Dragon dates back to medieval legend, the very notion of national identity is inherently central to ...
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The curtain opens on the messy aftermath of a house warming party, the clock ticking at 2.45am. Seemingly an odd opening to a play titled Beginning, t...
Mosquitoes at the National Theatre. Photo by Brinkhoff Mogenburg
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2017 has been a rough year, so far; 2016 was no better. Brexit, Trump, wars and climate change are all making the world feel less and less stable. It ...
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Angels in America

"The whole world is crazy, why not me?” Prior Walters asks. It is into this flickering madness, the absolute loss of certainty that AIDS brought with ...
Hedda Gabler, National Theatre 2017. Photo Jan Versweyveld
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Hedda Gabler

The hype of National Theatre’s production of Ibsen’s famous play, Hedda Gabler, is very much deserved. Newly married Hedda is already bored. Her ac...
Love, National Theatre. Photo by Sarah Lee
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In 90 minutes of a gripping performance, Alexander Zeldin’s slice of social reality unnerves as it unfolds. Love succeeds where many fail in exploring...