CONFESSIONAL Southwark Playhouse
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Leona (Stanton) wants to help people feel beautiful - if not forever, then for a week, a day or just an hour. Her need to cure their loneliness stems ...
ALLEGRO at Southwark Playhouse.
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Allegro is something of a ‘missing link’ in musical theatre history. Coming after Oklahoma! and Carousel in 1947, it has never found the audiences or ...
Stalking the Bogeyman at Southwark playhouse
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Stalking the Bogeyman

Anchorage, 1978: the teenage son of a couple who are friends with his parents, rapes seven-year-old David Holthouse in the basement of their house. Hi...
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Fifth Column

This is not an easy drama to like. Ernest Hemingway was born in 1899 and this is his only play. It is loosely autobiographical – it tells the story of...
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Rules can be bent for special cases, but at what point do those rules have to start applying? And why can those rules be bent? That is one of the many...
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Grey Gardens

Number 3, West End Road, East Hampton, occupies a comfortable position on what might be considered the fashionable end of Long Island, that spit of te...
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Your Last Breath

Your Last Breath is a love story which spans 160 years through the inter-weaving of the stories of four characters. The play takes at its starting poi...
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The Late Henry Moss

The Late Henry Moss opens and closes in the one-room New Mexico shack of the eponymous protagonist. But he, alas, can no longer enjoy it, his brown bo...
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Grand Hotel

The musical Grand Hotel which has just opened at The Southwark Playhouse to great, and fully deserved, acclaim didn’t have a particularly straightforw...