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Our vision is to build a global network of local reviewers reportingon the thriving, dynamic world of theatre and the performing arts. The reviews encompass works in major venues as well as cutting-edge performances in newer locations. 

Our mission is to provide our readers with a rich resource of high-quality reviews covering performances as they are staged.

We also provide unique opportunities to read interviews with playwrights, choreographers, directors and actors as well as reviews of books dedicated to theatre.

Support us achieve these objectives - please visit playstosee.com, a registered charity
 No 1151193at Virgin Money Giving.
 With thanks,
Rivka Jacobson
Executive Director 


Latest Reviews

Dying For It ☆☆☆☆

Drama - London, UK
Katy Darby
    It was said of Russian playwright Nikolai Erdman's1928 black comedy The Suicide, considered by many his masterpiece, that it was "a spectacular mixture of the ridiculous...
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Jonah and Otto ☆☆☆☆

Drama - London, UK
Aleksandra Sakowska
Affectionate, deliberate and stripped-back: all three words apply to the adaptation of Robert Holman’s play Jonah and Otto directed by Tim Stark and designed by Simon Bejer. This original drama...
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La Boheme ☆☆☆☆☆

Opera - London, UK
James Holloway
This was simply an outstanding production, which makes reviewing it terribly hard. One can either attempt to nit-pick (which seems mean) or rather tiresomely explain why everything was “amazing”...
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Shakespeare and the Dark Lady of the Sonnets ☆☆☆☆

Drama - Melbourne, Australia
Emma Kathryn
A cloud of mystery will always hang over the private life of William Shakespeare. One of the most intriguing characters in his story is musician’s daughter Emilia Lanier, thought by many to be...
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Diary Of A Madman ☆☆

Comedy - London, UK
Oliver J Weinfeld
Howard Colyer’s adaptation of Nikolai Gogol’s 1930s short story Diary Of A Madman takes place in the quirky new Omnibus theatre space in Clapham’s old library. The venue has a pleasant...
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The Great Gatsby ☆☆☆☆☆

Dance Theatre - Canterbury, UK
S. A. McCracken
Great choreography, great music, great costumes. The ballet adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic, The Great Gatsby, is, well, great. Not only does the production have to live up to...
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Alcina ☆☆☆☆

Opera - Toronto, Canada
Aparna Halpé
Opera Atelier's Canadian Premiere of Handel's Alcina meets every expectation that we have of the company – it is sexy, smart, visually delightful, and with the precisely voluptuous sound...
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Mephisto ☆☆☆☆

Drama - Athens , Greece
Katerina Gotsi
If the National Theatre of Greece had staged Mephisto, say, five years ago, the show wouldn’t have the resonances that it has for the Athenian audiences today. In a country that has been flirting...
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The Bus ☆☆☆☆

Drama - London, UK
Katerina Yannouli
The Bus tells the story of two teenage boys – Ian and Jordan, who regularly meet, late at night, in an abandoned church bus. Unfortunately, their refuge is the apple of discord between the nearby...
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The Curing Room ☆☆☆☆

Drama - London, UK
Oliver J Weinfeld
A crudely summarised synopsis of David Lee’s play would be, ‘Seven blokes in a basement with no clothes on for ninety minutes’. Which at first glance has quite a lot of scope to be...
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Latest Interviews


In conversation with Richard Voyce
  Richard Voyce in conversation  with Alexander Bermange Interview 29th January 2013, London Although only 36, Alexander S. Bermange is the composer/lyricist of over a dozen musicals,...
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Natanya Paris in conversation with Maurice’s Jubilee cast: Julian Glover, Sheila Reid, and Nichola McAuliffe

Natanya Paris
Natanya Paris meets the Cast and Playwright of Maurice’s Jubilee: Julian Glover, Sheila Reid, and Nichola McAuliffe Maurice’s Jubilee is directed by Hannah Eidinow and written...
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Sebastian Armesto and Dudley Hinton of Simple8 Theatre Company in conversation with Richard Voyce

Richard Voyce
Simple8 is a theatre company formed in 2004 to mount bold new theatre pieces using sizeable casts, but on a shoestring budget. Their new show, Moby Dick, currently packing them in with a whole slew...
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Latest Articles

Holocaust Drama: The Theater of Atrocity by Gene A. Plunka

Emily Derbyshire
Holocaust Drama: The Theater of Atrocity By Gene A. Plunka Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009 ISBN 978-0-521-18242-3 Paperback 447 pages Review by Emily Derbyshire   Gene...
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Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare, edited by René Weis

Tom Aitken
Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare, edited by René Weis The Arden Shakespeare (Third Series), 2012 PB £18.99 HB £65.00 Review by Tom Aitken This is a wide-ranging,...
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