Dank Verse Will Penswick
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Dank Verse

Will Penswick bills himself as the worst performance poet in the world. Don’t believe him – this is a seriously funny show and he is a very sharp perf...
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The performance  of  Morphine by the Art-Vic Anglo-Russian Theatre is about a deadly addiction. This is one of the eternal themes that is now more rel...
Flesh and Bone Etcetera Theatre, London
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Flesh and Bone

Very Berkoff, and very charming, Flesh and Bone is a masculine, pulsing, in-yer-face tribute to the East end inner-city poor. The show chucks five ...
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The Bald Soprano

This is a show that fizzes with ideas and enthusiasm. Written in 1950, The Bald Soprano is the first play of the French-Romanian playwright Eugene Ion...