London International Mime Festival

FCBergman 300 el x 50 el x 30 el 03
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300 el x 50 el x 30 el

The Belgian collective FC Bergman has created a surreal performance that sheds a bizarre yet totally captivating light to equally bizarre lives. In a ...
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Perhaps, Perhaps, Quizás

Created, directed and performed by Mexican mime artist and clown Gabriela Muñoz, “Perhaps, Perhaps, Quizás” premiered in New York in 2010, and has sin...
Le Récital des Postures Yasmine Hugonnet
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Le Récital des Postures

Yasmine Hugonnet’s Le Récital des Postures boldly explores the body’s movement and the imperceptible gestures which construct more familiar poses. Hug...
SIGMA - Gandini Juggling. Photo Andy Phillipson
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Gandini Juggling is an established company that’s made its name experimenting and fussing together circus and dance narratives. This time round Sean G...
Fauna Jackson Lane 2018
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Fauna is an electrifying contribution to the London International Mime Festival 2018. The performance captures the gestures and motions of the natural...
Euripides Laskaridis - Relic
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Relic from the Latin “relinquere,” which means “whatever is left behind”; a proof of existence – creative or destructive, soothing or traumatic, tangi...