Review King Lear Birmingham Repertory
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King Lear

Shakespeare’s King Lear is the ultimate tragedy. Nowhere else can we see the violent abandonment of responsibility, the abuse of one’s parents, a swat...
Made Up Birmingham Repertory Theatre
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Made Up

The distracting haunts of the radio haunt Made Up throughout, as it runs with very minimal pace change. In fact, consistent is an apt description to a...
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The Tailor of Inverness

Never have I seen an audience so quickly break into rapturous applause as I did at Matthew Zajac’s The Tailor of Inverness. The one-man play, also sta...
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Of Mice and Men

If you say you haven’t heard of John Steinbeck’s most famous work, people give you funny looks, as if you’d just renounced the fact that the Earth is ...
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We regularly hear of radical reinterpretations of Shakespeare classics. Perhaps we will not find such a version that stretches the bard’s work as the ...
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Wendy and Peter Pan

Ella Hickson deliberately renames her adaptation of J.M.Barrie's classic novel, and with good reason. In this revival of their original production, th...